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  1. Chokz at |

    Another freebie! But ofcourse I’ll love to have one, that poster would fit perfectly in my room, so that the moment I open my eyes in the morning, I would see beauty and the beast, and before closing my eyes in the evening, it’s the beauty and the beast once again! I’m starstrucked! 😉

    1. WAZZA at |

      Wow…..first the poster please….then maybe the real thing…….one step at a time……..thanks mate

  2. bassguy at |

    Would love the truck, but I’ll take the poster as a substitute

  3. starwrecker at |

    This is the best blog ever. I’d love a 3D poster, please!

    The real challenge is to figure out if Star is a beauty or a beast? The best of both 🙂

  4. starwrecker at |

    How are they going to get my shipping details? I still haven’t heard back about the free calendar either?

  5. stingen1970 at |

    I’d love a poster to put up at our dealership, Daigle & Houghton, Inc……

  6. truckaus at |

    Would it be possible to get a poster sent accross to me in Australia, would look great on the wall.

  7. Jsager at |

    I would love a poster!!

  8. lilduece at |

    send me a poster,please

  9. thrufreight at |

    This poster will compliment the kick ass calendar you sent me. Sorry we only have a Diamomd Reo and no Star but love the looks and style if the classic Stars

    Hope you will be kind enough to send one to us. Thanks.

  10. gizzmo1973 at |

    Any chance on sending a poster to Australia look good on the wall in the office

  11. rickandmar at |

    would love to have a poster. Very cool

  12. mike124 at |

    i would love to put that poster up in my room. yes please

  13. Roderigo at |

    I would love to have the poster please send one for me

  14. Roderigo at |

    I send the e-mail for you

  15. HIGHROLLER1997 at |


  16. truckangel at |

    Golly I would love a poster to adorn my sewing room!! Always dreamed of owning a fleet of trucks, but alas, have four daughters instead….One day I might get my HT, then who knows…….had a Kenny for my wedding….couldn’t find a star.

  17. guypigeon27 at |

    My heart and my soul wont one beauty and the beast, this is a gift for my wife. 😉

  18. kenworthluvr at |

    I would live to have a poster to hang in my garage!!!

  19. adamwright at |

    Yes please!

  20. fyrhsedog at |

    That would look cool in my Race Room!

  21. johnhsummers@yahoo.com at |

    PLEASE send me this poster! I’ll hang it in my garage next to my Zodiac poster. 😉

  22. markstopover at |

    Can I still have one? 🙂

  23. x7racer at |

    That poster would look so good in our shop, please. Would very much like one, thank you

  24. hemihead at |

    Best truck out there, and nice to work on.

  25. hemihead at |

    Poster is very needed in our break room .

  26. bradwills at |

    would love to get one.

  27. eemvie at |

    That poster would look good in my room, can i have one?

  28. MadMan at |

    Would I be able to get my hands on one of those posters? I dont own a truck yet but when I get one I think it will be a western star.

  29. normfernandez at |

    The beast! Can you send me a copy? Thanks Western Star!

  30. bradwills at |

    just curious how do you know where to send it? im keen as for one. im from christchurch new zealand

  31. raptor031 at |

    I’m a fan of American trucks and this poster will definitely fit in my room. Can I have one?

  32. plantma at |

    I would love one of posters. Thanks western Star

  33. Camaro1976 at |

    This is awesome, I’ll take one please

  34. cslane87 at |

    Would absolutely love to have one of these posters…

  35. Turbointercoolover at |

    I would love and appreciate to have a Western Star poster for my living room. I am from Europe and I’ve been to Canada once and seen W.Stars with heavy hauls it amazed me. How I really wish to have one and I don’t mind any kinds as long as a warm presents for my Christmas gift from Western Star.

  36. western13 at |

    Still have a poster for me? I would like one!

    1. Trucker Roger at |

      GREAT LOOKING Star there western13

  37. Trucker Roger at |

    Just wondering if I could have a 3D poster PLEASE!!!

  38. Garfman at |

    Posters for my home shop, please. My kids tell me my shop is booooring. The walls are bare. I also need a new calendar.

  39. truckerman216 at |

    Do you guys still have posters?

    1. SNadmin at |

      Hi truckerman216 – Let me see what we have! Also, check out the latest post – If you have any vintage Western Star memorabilia, you can submit photos and have the chance to win some giveaways there, too: http://www.westernstartrucks.com/Wanted/

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