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  1. Dduffy at |

    I love w star trucks,2nd dealer I have worked at that sell w star .Western star trucks are the best in the World

  2. Dduffy at |

    I love Western star trucks,So glad I found Star nation.

  3. David Baldry at |

    Best truck on or off the road

  4. J P Shaw at |

    I have a 2016 5700xe. This is by far the best truck ive ever had the privilege of driving. The comforts on the inside are amazing and beautiful as well. The Detroit DD15 under the hood pulls like nothing ive ever seen. I LOVE my truck

  5. Dennis74 at |

    Love my westernstar, GREAT for paving and plowing!!!

  6. Michellemichelle at |

    I’ve been excited about trucks since I was a kid I drove a westernstar at 9. Years old 13 speed! I love westernstar and I love coffee! I need your mug!

  7. rpierce@traceyroad.com at |

    I have been a fan of western star for years and truly believe there reputation and loyalty to the industry is second to none keep up the great work

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