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    I flew to Indianapolis Indiana one November to pick up a truck that my boss bought and drive it back to Oregon. This was an old straight truck with no frills, not even an air-ride seat or radio. It didn’t have chains and I was a little worried that since it was November and I was heading West, I might run into some bad weather. The first thing I did was buy a little transistor radio since I was tired of my own singing and then I started looking for chains. I finally found chains when I got to Nebraska. I bought a set and then realized without a CB radio, I would have no idea what the roads would be like ahead of me. I always checked at the truck stops when I filled up but things do tend to happen when you least expect them. I decided the best thing to do was to tag along behind another truck that had a radio. I found a CF truck going my way and climbed in behind him. After a while, he pulled over on the road and I followed. He jumped out and chained up so I did the same. I followed him down the road to a hill and when we got to the bottom, there were two trucks, nose to nose laying on their side. The road was really icy but I had no trouble going up the other side. We both got to the top and pulled over and took our chains off and headed down the road. I followed that guy until he turned off and made it back without any trouble. There’s no telling what might have happened if I hadn’t followed that guy. Just good luck, I guess.

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