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  1. lilduece at |

    Hi, the story about Jimmy and his 85 star, brings back memories, i got a hold of a 84 star, in 1989, drove it till 2005, put over 3,000,000 miles on her. I can identify with the parts search, lol, i used to get so tee’d off, not being able to find replacement parts. Thank God for junk yards, and Gulick Western Star in Fremont, In, which now is Stoops, and Truck Service in N. Jackson, Oh, they were good at getting me parts, but also i would like to get some custom stainless steel decorations on my 2001 Constellation. You said you could pass this along, my number is 515-202-2880, thanx and by the way i still got the old 84, hoping some day to rebuild her,

    1. x7racer at |

      As for constellation stainless, four states truck parts in joplin, mo has some, the other think is to find a racecar shop in your area that builds bodys, they have the equipment to cut and bend the stainless. I will give you a call this week. jim

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