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Western Star Floor MatsAt Star Nation, we know a lot of our members have older trucks and sometimes it’s a little hard to find parts for them. That’s why we created a special section in the Star Nation forums where members can post requests for trucks or parts.  There’s a good chance someone out there has the Star you’ve been looking for or, you might hear from a dealer that can get you that hard-to-find part.  You can also let folks know when they have something exciting for sale.

The Swap is the perfect place for members to recommend local or online shops that are great at finding parts for older Stars.  You can find examples of this type of recommendation in our story about Jimmy Estes out of Oklahoma.  In the interview for this article, Mr. Estes told us about all the shops, large and small, that helped with his customization.  On Star Nation, you can get help from anywhere in the world.  All you have to do is ask!

Start in the Star Nation Swap forum to see the current threads, or check out some of the topics members have started like W/S Logo Carpet 2-piece Floor Mats or Aero Grill Needed.

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