Western Star 4700

Western Star of the Week: 4700SB

4700In the spirit of summer, Star Nation can support of this application!

We have a Western Star 4700SB chassis, stretched on a 330” wheelbase. It nestles the Cummins L-9 350HP power plant along with the Allison 3000 series transmission to torque a set of Meritor 40k twin screws. Once fully loaded, the 16K frt taper leaf springs and 40K Airliner rear suspension ensure there’s non-shattering delivery to the patrons of the local watering hole.

The interesting part of this beverage body install is the alteration that the folks at Hackney do to narrow the frame from BOC to ahead of rear suspension. It gets reworked to look like a capital letter “I”. You end up with about 4” on either side of the drive line.

Thanks to Robbie Spencer, from O’Connor Motors in Augusta, ME., for sharing this mobile Western Star brewery!

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