You’ve Got To See This One-Of-A-Kind Western Star Tire Changer

2014 Western Star 4900

2014-Western-Star-Tire-HandlerWe’re sure this Western Star is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. After speaking with Dale Davis, General Manager at Farmington Western Star & Freightliner in New Mexico, we were blown away with this monster of a truck. He revealed that this is the largest tire handler in the world, and most definitely the first of its kind.

This beast is a 2014 Western Star 4900 with a DD15 engine and Allison transmission, and attached is a giant Stellar crane that can lift 20,000 pounds at full extension. It has a reach of 21 feet and a maximum clamping span of 164 inches with a continuous rotation of 360 degrees.

And who would ever need a truck like this? When you own a very large mining truck that needs the occasional tire delivered and installed… that’s who needs it. Before this truck was delivered, the only method was to use a forklift device. Now, there’s something suited specifically for this line of work. Dale Davis told Star Nation, “I like what this truck can do. It’s pretty amazing how it can reach out there and put on those tires and wheels. It’s almost like seeing a robot in action – it’s very cool. And to see it in person is pretty amazing. It reminds me of something from the movie Transformers.”

Western-Star-4900-BannerDale continued talking about the brand, saying, “I’m a huge fan of Western Star. We predominantly sell them at our dealership. We have Freightliner and Western Star – both are good trucks – but we sell 95% Western Star.”

When asked why such a high percentage for the Western Star brand, Dale replied, “Our vocations are heavy in oilfield and mining – more severe-duty applications. Western Star just holds up more than any other truck out there. And when our customers get inside one, they don’t ever want anything else.”

2014-Western-Star-4900And that’s the beauty of the Western Star. Once you’ve experienced one, you’ll never want to go back to any other

Once again, thanks to Dave Davis at Farmington Western Star & Freightliner in New Mexico for sharing this “pit stop tire changer”. It will definitely give the pit crews of NASCAR a run for their money!

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